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Affordable Frigidaire Refrigerators & Other Home Appliance Products in Carrollton, TX

Purchase a high-quality appliance that you can rely on for years of daily use. A Guaranteed Home Appliance is an authorized dealer of Frigidaire™ refrigerators, Frigidaire dishwashers, and other products.

Authorized Dealer of Frigidaire

Save money on delivery and installation by ordering Frigidaire appliances through us. Simply find the product you wish to order on their website, then provide us with the model number. We provide the final total to you, deliver it as soon as possible, and even set it up for a small, additional fee.

Certified & Experienced in Frigidaire Appliance Repair

When you invest in something as important as a Frigidaire refrigerator or Frigidaire dishwasher, you want to make sure it lasts. While these are among the most highly regarded and reliable appliances that the industry has to offer, everything breaks down eventually. When that occurs, turn to us for Frigidaire home appliance repair in Carrollton, TX. We are fully certified to supply parts and labor when your system breaks down, and our team is devoted to ensuring that you get the fast repairs you need when things go wrong. No one wants to live without a working fridge or washing machine any longer than necessary.

Refrigerators are not only a big investment; they are essential to your home. When your fridge is on the fritz, you run the risk of losing hundreds of dollars’ worth of perishable foods that will spoil before long. That is why we offer speedy refrigerator repair—every second counts. We are extremely familiar with the Frigidaire system and can get your machine back to perfect working condition in no time. Let us help you save money and time by supplying effective fridge repair when you need it most.

A Wide Selection of Brand Appliance Repair

We don’t just repair fridges; we are happy to repair any major branded appliances, from washing machines to dryers. Our team is trained and certified to handle jobs of any kind. Simply set up an appointment for us to inspect the damage to your machine, and we’ll give you an estimate on the cost of the labor.

When you need home appliance repair, call us as soon as possible to go over your options. We are proud to serve Carrollton, Texas, and the surrounding area.


Contact us for low prices on Frigidaire refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances.