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Request a Professional Appliance Repair in Carrollton, TX

When you invest in a Frigidaire home appliance, you want to ensure it performs as expected and lasts for years to come. While these appliances are among some of the most highly regarded, reliable models available today, no device is entirely invulnerable. If your Frigidaire appliance has succumbed to wear and tear, turn to our specialists for the parts and labor you need. See why so many commercial and residential property owners consider us their go-to source for a professional appliance repair in Carrollton, TX.

At A Guaranteed Appliance, our technicians are devoted to delivering the fast repairs your appliances need when things go wrong. We understand that no one wants to live without a working refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, or another machine that makes our days easier. Request our factory-trained servicemen to perform your dishwasher repair or refrigerator repair. When you put your repair needs in our hands, we’ll work quickly to restore your appliance and the energy efficiency of your building.


Your Source for Timely Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator isn’t just a practical investment; it is an essential component of your home. When your fridge isn’t performing like it ought to, it’s can be a major disruption. Without a properly working fridge, you run the risk of losing hundreds of dollars’ worth of perishable items that will spoil should too much time pass. That’s why we offer accurate, timely refrigerator repair service.

Our certified servicemen are trained to troubleshoot and perform repairs on even the most difficult of units. No matter what problem you’re experiencing, we’re confident we’ve got a solution for you. Call us to put your repair in the hands of professional, well-rounded technicians that you can count on when you need accurate and timely repairs.

Repairing Multiple Brand-Name Appliances

As your dedicated source for professional appliance repair, we service more than just fridges. We’re more than happy to repair any major branded appliances including dryers and washing machines. Our team is trained to handle jobs of nearly any size. Simply request an appointment to get your fridge or dishwasher repair underway.

At your request, we’ll inspect your machine and give you an estimated cost and timeline so you’ll know everything when it comes to your repair job. Our servicemen will do everything in their power to help you enjoy the continued energy efficiency and functionality of your home. Call on our team for high-quality appliance repairs that will allow you to start cleaning and cooking again.

Contact our company for affordable repairs for your brand-name appliances and products. We proudly serve property owners in
Carrollton, Texas, and the surrounding areas.